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 Our backgroud 

For more than 20 years Amazônica Shipping Agency has been the lead provider of shipping agency and customs brokerage services along the Amazon River ports. Providing agency services and support to charterers and traders of bulk cargoes. We started giving our participation and support for the pioneer implantation of a grain terminal in the north region of Brazil, for shipment of maize and soya. Our shipping agency has its own offices located at Itacoatiara, Manaus, in the state of Amazonas. And Santarém, Belém and Barcarena (Vila do Conde), in the state of Pará.

The pioneer Grain Shipping Agency in the Amazon River

Our commitment has been and will always be to provide quality services with full professionalism to our customers.
Amazônica is the leader in quality and support to many shippers, charterers and ship owners offering them the most complete service and the best cost/benefit relation. We are capable of and always do service vessels anywhere in the upper Amazon region. Our main office at Itacoatiara is equipped with all the modern technologies required for fast communication including hi-speed internet. All our team is well versed in English.

Shipping Activities

Customs Clearance

The Amazon River is one of the most extensive rivers in the world with 6 992.06 km in length and more than a thousand tributaries.



Itacoatiara (AM)

ITACOATIARA - is located on the left bank (looking downriver) of the Amazon River near the mouth of the Madeira River, 108 nautical miles downriver from Manaus. It takes roughly 51 hours upstream transit time leaving Fazendinha pilot station for the vessel to reach Itacoatiara-AM, and 42 hours downstream.

Terminals at Itacoatiara:

Floating Hermasa Terminal I 

For soya beans, soya meal, maize and soya oil.
Hermasa is capable of loading Panamax Size vessels, through two steady ship loaders and conveyor system from warehouses or from barges. It is not allowed to drop anchor.

Hermasa Anchorage Terminal II

Systeam of bouys complex – for soya beans, maize, and discharges fertilizer.
Transshipment operation is performed at inner anchorage of Itacoatiara roads – close to Hermasa floating terminal. The vessel will stay moored on five buoys: 3 ones at forward and 2 ones at afterpart, not allowed dropping anchors. The Crane assembled on top of a Barge will be moored alongside the vessel, where the loading will be performed by a grab linked to the Crane.

TFB – Terminal Fluvial do Brasil – for liquid products

Discharge from the vessel (diesel, ethanol and gasoline), stores in the shore tanks. For later transfer to the barges that will distribute products in the cities of the area (Parintins and Porto Velho).
Novo Remanso – for general cargo, containers and grains
Under construction to be completed in the near future.

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Barcarena (PA)

Barcarena, Also known as Vila do Conde (VDC), is located on the right bank of the Pará River, opposite the Marajó Bay.

Terminals are accessed via Quiriri Channel which has an official draft of 13.3m-test for 13.5m are in progress till reaching goal of 14m.

Grain terminals

Hidrovias do Brasil (Several shippers) – also discharge fertilizer

The terminal is designed to accommodate Panamax size vessels and is capable of loading 35000 tons per 24h.

Terfron (sharing with Bunge/Amaggi)

The terminal can load 25000 tons per 24h.

TGPM (sharing with Glencore/ADM)

The terminal can load 15000 tons per 24h.

Public Terminal (CDP) – handles general cargo, container and discharge fertilizer.

TGL – only for liquid products

Public terminal.


Santarém (PA)

Santarém, is a city located about 300NM from Fazendinha pilot station.

Cargill Grain Terminal – for soya and maize

The System is capable of loading Panamax Size Vessels, daily average 25000mt/day.

Public General Cargo Port (CDP) – for grain and discharge fertilizer.

LDC (Dreyfus) started operated in this terminal.


Manaus (AM)

The max allowed DRAFT is (11.50m) based on the North Bar Channel.

The main terminals are:

Super Terminals: for containers, Steel Plates and Hot Rolled Coils.

Public Port of Manaus: The main movements cargos are: Steel plates and hot rolled.

REMAN (Refinery at Manaus): the main cargos are: Diesel, Ethanol, Gasoline, KAV, GLP and LNG.

Trigolar (OCRIM): Discharge wheat.

Chibatao Terminal: Discharge of Clinker.

Santana (PA)

The terminal of the city is located in the city of Santana, near Macapá City.


Ciamport – for soya beans, hipro and maize

Restricted to vessels up to 200m of length.

Pilot Station & Distances

2 (1)

 Espadarte- Boarding of Non compulsory pilotage Barra Norte/Fazendinha

Pilotage non Compulsory- Barra Norte/Fazendinha in and out

Pilotage Compulsory- as from Fazendinha to ports up river


   We have three offices in strategic points of distribution in the Amazon River.


Av. Parque, 376 - Centro | Itacotiara | Amazonas | Brasil

(+55) 92 3521.3046



TV. Antônio Jacinto, QD 317 - LT 22 | Barcarena | Pará | Brasil

(+55) 91 3754.1182



Av. Tapajós, 1088, apto- 204 (Ed. Vera Paz)- Santarém | Pará | Brasil

(+55) 91 99356.0025